My Hero


Very professional

We have only known Paul for a short period of time (about five months), but we have found him to be very professional and a very cheerful personality. He has listened to our needs and requirements, and has provided us with a great portfolio of investments. He has tailored those investments so that we are receiving the maximum benefit and we are very satisfied. He has given us a great service and a considerable amount of his time in order to make sure we are satisfied. We would give him a ‘5’ rating on all sections. It is difficult to see what Paul could have done better for us. We are both retired police officers with no particular financial expertise. We needed to invest our police pensions in order to secure our financial future, and Paul has certainly accomplished that for us.
Mr & Mrs T, Essex

Peace of mind

Paul Lloyd has been my Independent Financial Advisor since 2009. Over the years, we have developed a good professional relationship, and I feel comfortable with asking him for advice and help. I met Paul at a Retirement Show, and I told him of my inheritance from my mother and the need for managing it. I was impressed by his response and understanding of my situation, so I asked him to act for me. I am retired, aged 67, with only a limited knowledge of the financial world, and Paul has always taken time to be sure I understand the meaning of words and terms that he uses. Thanks to Paul, my savings have grown to around £700,000, which they certainly would not have done had he not managed them so well. He regularly supplies me with my portfolio and suggests whether or not to move some of my money to alternative investors. I meet with Paul about twice a year, with the option of sending an email or to telephone him for advice in between his visits. Peace of mind about money is so important, and I have no problem in recommending Paul to manage investments.
Tania, Surrey

First class

I have been using Paul Lloyd now for over three years. I was highly recommended to Paul through a trusted colleague and must say that the service given to me within this time has been fantastic. Initially I wanted Paul to be a trusted advisor to my business, and because of his commitment to me I also use Paul for my personal finances as well. In three years of working with him, he has never put me wrong. Paul’s knowledge of the industry is quite simply first class. Alongside his industry knowledge, Paul possesses a friendly and comfortable approach which you wouldn’t normally find with other financial advisors, and you instantly feel at ease when dealing with his company, which is a rarity in this field. Customer service is clearly Paul’s passion as he is always a phone call away, and nothing is a problem. My advice for anyone looking for a financial advisor, be it your business or personal needs, Lloyds Independent Financial Planning is the only company to go with. I truly believe that my overall finances are in the best possible hands with Paul, and I trust his judgement implicitly. I have recommended Paul and his company to many other family members, friends and business associates and will continue to do so. If you are not using his services, you are missing out.
Ryan, Essex

Honest and reliable

I am nearing retirement age from teaching, and Paul is using his skill in Financial Planning for my retirement. He gathered all my financial information and decided on the ‘package’ that would suit me. He visits me twice yearly and always answers my concerns. I have not compared him with others for value, but I have found him honest and reliable. Over the six years that I have known Paul, he has constructed an appropriate strategy for my investments, with moderate risk and good returns.

Paul’s major assets are:

• Quick responses to questions by phone/email
• Attention to detail and highly organised
• Genuine interest in me, his client, as a person
Ms G, Hertfordshire

Sound knowledge

We met Paul five years ago, just prior to my retirement, and immediately found a rapport. His approach was what was best for us rather than what he could gain from us – something refreshing compared to other financial advisors we had met. We have found him to be dependable with a sound knowledge of the financial markets. These he diligently researches in order to identify the most appropriate investments to match our needs. He is genuinely interested in us as people and not just as clients. We meet twice a year, and he always has up-to-date, detailed information on all of our investments. Where appropriate, he makes recommendations as to any changes necessary to maximise return. He is quick to respond to queries by telephone, email or his web portal. The latter also gives access to up-to-date performance information on your investment accounts. We have no reservations in recommending Paul Lloyd to anyone.
Mr & Mrs R, Surrey

Holistic approach

I had received an inheritance from my father's estate and was approaching retirement age and therefore needed some financial guidance. This was new territory for me, and I arrived with Paul Lloyd after a thorough search of available internet information and a selection process involving three IFAs in my geographical area. I found Paul very personable, taking great care to fully understand my particular needs and patiently explaining the investment processes that could deliver what I was looking for. I appreciated Paul adapting his explanations to my level of understanding (layman) rather than with more complex financial terminology I had heard from others. Paul's review of my State Pension status also yielded useful longer-term gains. As well as my existing investment needs (which were primarily resilience to the current market volatility), we looked at what I might need in the future in terms of flexibility, market changes and taxation, as well as inheritance planning. I found this holistic approach both helpful and thought-provoking. The administration related to the investments was quickly and efficiently handled, and any communication was handled promptly by Sarah, even when Paul was unavailable. I have been a client of Paul Lloyd since the beginning of the year, so it is early days, but all of the indications are that I will be very satisfied with his services.
Raymond, Essex

t: 01277 365874